Loan Payout via ATM

VALIDpays is looking for lenders to participate in a program that will utilize the VALIDpays Network as a funding option that will increase loan approvals, expand lead opportunities and provide additional marketing opportunities.

How it Works

VALIDpays has leveraged its existing technologies to activate a vast number of ATM’s that are deployed across the country.  This is a direct connection to the ATM and is not reliant on any outside agency or network.  It is a card less transaction, meaning the customer does not have to insert a card to activate the ATM.  Our current partners have over 50,000 ATM’s that can be enabled with many more in the pipeline.

  • VALIDpays has connectivity to the lender and ATM’s.
  • Lender will ask the customer if they would like to access their funds at an ATM.  If yes, they will receive a one-time authorization code to use at enabled ATMs around their location.
  • Enabled ATMs connect directly to the VALIDpays network enabling a card-less transaction.
  • At the enabled ATM “VALIDpays” will appear on the screen.  Once chosen, the customer will be asked to enter their authorization code and payout amount.
  • Transaction is sent to VALIDpays for approval.
  • Funding amount is returned and displayed to customer for approval.
  • Funds and receipt are dispensed.
  • Confirmation of payout logged in VALIDpays database.
  • VALIDpays settles all funds between the lenders and the ATM owners.

The Solution

Provide a payout network that is always available and convenient for the customer.  In addition, turn a funding disadvantage into an advantage by having access any time of the day and any day of the year.  Additionally, create a network that is insulated from regulatory exposure.

  • Give the customer the option to receive funds immediately at thousands of ATM locations 24/7, 365.
  • Participating online lenders will have an advantage over brick and mortar lenders.
  • Provides a funding option should regulators disallow ACH funding.
  • Enable the customer to choose any ATM that is on the “VALIDpays network” to receive their funds.
  • Overall Increase in loan approvals, as customers no longer have to wait for funds to be pushed to their account.
  • Expanded opportunities in purchasing leads, afterhours, holidays, and weekends.
  • Additional marketing options – “Get your Cash NOW”